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Auckland’s New Planning “Rulebook” – The Unitary Plan

2 July 2013
Auckland Council approved the newly prepared draft Auckland Unitary Plan on 20 February 2013 and released the document to the public on 15 March 13 for an initial informal consultation and public feedback period which ended on 31 May 2013.

Auckland Residential Property Market experiences strong value growth

2 July 2013
The Auckland Residential property market has continued to experience strong value growth over the past 18 months following a period of subdued activity leading on from the GFC in 2007/8 prior to which the market had reached unprecedented peaks. Current average sales prices are some 20% above those being recorded at that time, albeit on lower volumes.

Freehold Title, Unit Title

8 March 2012
Freehold Title, Unit Title

Monolithic Cladding Systems-Stigma

8 March 2012

Leaky building syndrome - Leaky Buildings - Stigma

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