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TelferYoung from CBRE’s National Office is headquartered in the Auckland CBD and oversees our brand’s national operations, as well as providing centralised support and services for TelferYoung from CBRE’s extensive network of offices. Externally, our National Office manages and oversees key client relationships, proactively engages on industry issues, and works with our major corporate and institutional clients such as Banks, Government Agencies, listed entities and Valuation Ordering Systems.

The National Office team includes our Group Chief Executive Ross Hancox, our National Director - Operations & Marketing Francie Stacey and our Senior Administrator Jenny Lam. Our National Directors for Residential, Commercial, Rural, Building Surveying, Risk and Valuation also all report through to our National Office. Together we work hard to ensure that TelferYoung from CBRE can provide the best level of service to the customer—you!

Visit Our Offices page for information and contact details for TelferYoung from CBRE's regional offices, which cover New Zealand from Whangarei in the North, to Invercargill in the South.

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